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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> in the plea deal, the 84-year-old and his 57-year-old son pleaded guilty to structuring transactions keeping withdrawals under $10,000 to avoid detection, today, he received 18 months in prison and his father, five years probation. the judge decided advanced age and the fact he's a primary care giver for his wife. >> there are a number of cases still pending and we'll address that in cases still pending that are about investments. >> investors complained the fbi spent two years investigating the two for securities fraud but
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the u.s. attorney let the statute of limitations expire. about 1700 investors lost their life savings. >> it's all gone now. >> how much? >> i'm in low seven figures >> over a million dollars? >> yes. >> a majority weren't wealthy people this, is high brow as madoff this, is blue color people. >> investigators say they hid the fact the funds were doing poorly and transferred in a pyramid scheme. >> i'm say is thatting the possibility bad karma will come to you and other people associated with you. >> one added insult, lawyers
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touted as chairitable contributions to a school his children attended but one donation was paid with investor money drawn from the mortgage fund account. >> awful. just awful they took our money, used it for themselves. >> a civil case filed against ngs sxethed to go to trial in the summer. investors persuing a class action lawsuit. the last chance to finally get some of the money back. >> thank you, dan. a 7-year-old grade teacher accused of sexual assaulting students. he was arrested today in richmond. we're told the investigation began in november, while he was working at making waves academy,
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also in the west contra costa county school district. he's being held on $1.4 million bail. >> police in oakland investigating a freeway shooting tonight, it happened on interstate 580 near high street. in this video you can see police checking a black acura. the victim walked to highland hospital nearby for medical attention. >> a former san francisco human rights employee and prominent gay rights activist is sentenced to six months in county and must register as a sex offender, child abuse prevention advocates hope the district attorney will face charges. >> i think his attorney opened the door when he said his pension can never be touched
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because of this is not moral turpitude. >> he was arrested after being linked to images in australia. >> the family of lynn spalding filed legal action against the city the legal committee blames the hospital and sheriff's department for the death. vick slee in the newsroom with the story. vic? >> this is the claim filed against the city. all 22 pages. it's a first step towards a lawsuit. >> you've got to provide a safe environment in this hospital so patients are safe and secure. >> the family attorney says san francisco general hospital failed to do just that for the
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57-year-old lynn spalding. she was admitted september 19th for a bladder infection when she became disoriented. 17 days after that, she was in a sparewell away from her room. >> within 100 feet of an exit door to a stairwell, that that is not the first place you search? they never search that had stairwell. >> the claim charges they never organized a co he'sive search for spalding. the claim says the hospital records were so bad the staff first thought spalding was black, then asian. but the attorney says the most outrageous breech is that nurses failed to follow orders.
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>> there is a written order by a doctor says all in capital letters the word never leave this patient alone. they d they lost her. >> investigators found both hospital and sheriff's department at fault, it triggered promise business the sheriff to improve security. and led to the reassignments of numerous deputies david perry is a friend and their spokesman. >> lynn spalding can't be reassigned her life. her children can't be reassigned their mother many we do not think this is a full enough price to pay. >> now they referred to a city attorney for a a response. >> another wave of moisture coming down solidly in mount tam tonight. not a major storm but we know every drop counts m this
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drought. spencer christian is live on the roof of the abc7 center. >> wetter into higher elevations right now but not where i am. here is live doppler 7 hd. it's mainly light and scattered in parts of sonoma county and points northward. and you can see a thunderstorm there up north in yuk kaia passing through not long ago. going to our forecast animation at 7:00 this evening, by about 11:00 or so, we'll see a cold front moving through the central part of the bay area bringing rainfall to san francisco and moving to east and south. but what will follow? not a lot of rain in this system now. i'll show you a little bit later what we can expect. >> thank you. >> there are new test results revealing where the new bay bridge is leaking water in these
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rain storms helped them figure that out. according to caltrans, they insisted the bridge is safe and that there is no problem. nick? >> not only is there no problem, caltrans says the most recent rainfall helped them identify where their water was running to. but critics say not soft. there are problems. >> there are lakes in the bay bridge. caltrans responsible for bridge oversight confirmed that. >> innocence tiff locations that water is being dealt with. >> caltrans is working on a way to fix it.
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>> we'll find a solution but until it rains again, you don't know whether or not it's as sealed as it should be. >> in february cameras found water below the deck of the bridge. >> lisa is an energy whose expert ease, she says pooling water raises red flags. >> you get pitting that you can't see. sou don't know how much is lost. >> caltrans says it's a bridge designed to be water resistant not watertight. >> would you build a ship that way? >> this is a process to determine how water is getting in >> the full list of findings will not be made for at least a
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week. >> rain water has been getting into cracks in the road creating pot holes. san francisco department of public works says there has been a 25% increase in reports. last year, they filled 1600 of them. >> yes. >> still ahead tonight new adventures of bat kid in hollywood. >> smoking pot in a rest room. students are third graders. >> a man pays cash for a new tv and winds up in handcuffs. >> fewer tour of the light show on the bay bridge. you'll have to wait until after dark. don't. i want you to be kind.ff i want you to be smart. super smart.
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a little boy we've come to know as bat kid was set to appear on sunday's academy awards show. abc7 news obtained these photos at the hotel in hollywood. these are the shoes and purse his mom was planning to wear. the family told abc7 news they're excited and he he was anxious to wear a tuxedo on
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stage. >> as for oscars on sunday, family didn't know exactly what miles is going to do. but that he would be in the segment on heros. abc7 news confirmed he went to rehears rehearsal. the scott family learned he won't be on the show they went to disneyland >> old saying goes when it rains it pours. that became all too real when he couldn't get anyone to believe it. >> this is ven an amazing case. stunning an ordinary trip ended in
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disaster. he had a bank account stolen and got arrested in one day because someone is out there printing funny money. justin trying to do a nice thing. >> i wanted to get her a bigger tv. >> little did he know it would spiral into catastrophe. >> it began when he bought a tv on black friday. yes. that was the day of a big data breech. but that wasn't the problem. at least not yet. justin wanted the rebunked back on the card the clerk said they can only give cash. so he took the cash. >> she gave me $320 bills.
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>> he paid for the bills or tried to. >> the clerk said this is fake money. >> justin didn't believe it was counterfeit. >> he held them in the air for just a moment. and then called security over. >> store security took justin into custody. >> i was handcuffed in front of the store. humiliated in front of, as you imagine black friday, a lot of people walking in and out. >> justin sat in a holding room. >> i told them they had the wrong guy. i was a victim. and i felt like a suspect. >> here are the receipts showing target just refunded him. police let him go free the police report says it appears justin was a victim of counterfeiting. the next day, he demanded target give him his money back.
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>> get a call from my bank. the account was stolen over the holiday. now, nobody would listen about the fake money. but we did. >> seven on your side is there. >> we contacted target investigating the claim and justin got a call. >> given money back. finally. >> target refunded the cash, real crash but a gift card. >> $100 target did not comment except to say he has been provided with a full refund. best buy said everyone acted appropriately. he was handcuffed only 25 minutes at most.
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now, they're shopping for the tv. >> last one holding money is one who loses it. now, counterfeit money is out there in clishg layings. as i sfed you're caught spending, you lose the money. coming up friday night, how to spot a fake bill before you accept it. with all of the new bills coming in. >> time to turn to weather and go on the roof. >> yes. now it's raining in the bay area. we have patch of rain beginning
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to push south of the golden gate now. light rain around fremont and san ramone and out to livermore. now, up to moving radar showing an active pattern. and points northward. this trace amount in napa and san francisco. you can see temperatures now 61 in san francisco. 62 oakland mid-60s in san jose and 57 in half moon bay.
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low to mid-60s and another live view from abc7 looking over bay bridge, these forecast features periods of rain, light rain overnight. showers likely and spring like warmth friday and saturday. will be a rainy night spreading to more parts of the bay area. at 7:00 we'll see mainly up in the north bay. notice what happens by 11:00 p.m . through san francisco, south with the front by 5:00 we won't have much in the way of rainfall but there could be enough wet spots to slow down the morning
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commute. some showers are possible. on the modest side half an inch to inch in the north bay mountains. some mid to upper 60s inland and around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. friday, saturday, mid-60s on the coast saturday. we spring forward to daylight savings time into sunday morning. some of us just might stay up to show we can. >> i'd like to see it live. >> okay. >> thank you. >> coming up a legendary musician helps unlock mysteries of a mine. >> looking f
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a judge upheld a gun law. some owners took it to court claiming it violated the second amendment. a judge ruled would it have little impact on the constitutional right to possess firearms the law set to take affect
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thursday. opponents say the plan that they plan to ask the ninth circuit court for an emergency stay. >> oakland moving ahead to build a high tech surveillance center approved at 1:00 a.m . the center designed to put the cameras and readers and fire communities r communications under one roof. cameras won't be used ask critics blasted the proposal. >> a security warning tonight for customers of netflix. hackers using a phony web page that looks like the lowing in page tells you your account has been suspended and it gives you a call. do not call the number.
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you'll be asked to down load software that gives access to your computer. >> just ahead prime minister of israel makes a business trip to the bay area. >> comparing russian president putin to nazi germany's hitler. >> and changes to sat exam could give your child a better shot at getting into college
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>> the valley attracted bright talent the agreement signed by the israeli prime minister and governor brown. >> there will be an explosion just an explosion of create activity not only of the hebrew speakers but whatever other we welcome everyone in this line. >> there is a lot we can do, learn and share. israel is dynamic. >> it makes security researches that scan tickets and bags at large scale events. the founder says they bring it to the table. >> they're responsive. the wered surprise is embedded
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in everything. being able to stick to a mission, no matter what. >> there is a lots to benefit from american companies as well as benefits to israel. >> the collaboration is designed to go through 16 innovation hubs in cities like san jose. >> hillary clinton clarified comments made about vladimir putin comparing it to hitler's drive in the 1930s. >> i just want everybody to have a little historic perspective.
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i'm in the making a comparison but i am recommending that we perhaps can learn from this tactic that as been used before. >> yesterday, putin said his decision was not done to annex the territory but protect native russians that live there. john kerry was not successful in his efforts for a meeting in paris. kerry did meet with his russian counter part but no word on progress in the effort to diffuse this situation >> the people administering sat, 12 of major entrance exams announced a makeover of the test. in 2016, the essay question will be optional.
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no more calculators and the language will be replaced with more common words. the college board said sat had become disconnected from what students are learning in school. >> three children, third graders just 8 and 9 have been caught smoking in a school bathroom, smoking marijuana. >> sarah teaches drug and alcohol prevention to 7th and 8th graders. i don't know how to begin. >> suddenly parents are dealing
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with just when to have the talk about drugs. >> how do you explain it? what happened? >> that you stay away. you can see what happens you know? you can get in trouble. >> poe fishls saying next to nothing because as a discipline issue it tells us they were 28-year-olds and a 9-year-old caught smoking pot. the young lady won't be surprised. >> third grade, have you to think where are the parents? are the kids going home and alone after school? how long? are the parents using? a lot of questions and a common reaction. >> it's crazy. >> if you like your health care
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plan, you can keep it the obama administration said people whose coverage doesn't meet the new standards don't have to switch to obamacare right away. the administration says the decision was not made for political reasons it will prevent a new wave of cancellations prior to the elections in the fall. >> also tonight a plan for testing unopened rape kits. hundreds of kits containing dna evidence have gone untested in the bay area. san francisco and alameda county sent their kits to be analyzed now. >> arnold schwartzeneggar making good on a promise made years
6:36 pm
ago, i'll be back. scenes from the next terminator movie will be shot in the city. it is expected to last for a few months and the film commission says locations haven't been determined yet. >> it will be fun to see. >> what is going to happen to the bay bridge light show?
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and get covered.
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one year ago today an artist and supporters flipped the switch to turn on bay lights. >> we're live where the designers made a big announcement. >> they'll tell you that right now these moments can often be the most mesmerizing time. we've known lights were temporary. and around 7:00 they'll turn lights off. as an effort to get your attention. maybe your support. >> that is just the beginning.
6:40 pm
we've had 2500 people seen the lights. it's just an extraordinary response >> the artist designed the stranded leds. >> people come in early and stay late in order to be able to enjoy the lights on the bridge. >> that has become a center piece >> with an expiration date. when repainting the bridge lights will come down. so we're marking on that effort. >> rebuilding lights will cost
6:41 pm
$12 million. another giving 20% of the menu. >> and he set about artist's work make it happen. >> turning into the direction and watch others with it. it's community like nothing i've seen. in san francisco, they're gorgeous. gorgeous. >> looking for ways to train the we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that!
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♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. save 25% when you buy two scotts fertilizers -- one to use now and one for later.
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, this kve 25% when you buy two scotts fertilizers -- l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. >> researchers opened a new window into the human brain. it's a system that could be used to understand and treat a
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variety of conditions. >> there are probably plenty of musician that's would love to get into the head of mickey heart. in just a moment researchers are going to get a chance. >> he is helping to demonstrate a new lab just completed in the mission bay campus. it's the brain child of dr. adam gazali. >> so what we can do is see a brain in realtime. outfitted with goggles heart keeps rhythm while blasting
6:46 pm
asteroids. behind the scenes they're turning brain waves into a display. >> you have areas in the back recorded what you say. >> it's the first step in creating a system that could help diagnose and treat disorders. >> we're entering a stage that high tech can be used to help build healthier brains. >> to predict where it's coming from. to represent it.
6:47 pm
>> for heart there is hope music will unlock secrets perhaps how we understand our own human potential. >> happy brain, a good brain. >> in addition to the research the lab is working with popular gaming platforms to develop a brain training systems patients with use at home. >> let's go interfaith with spencer christian's brain. >> so mild and calm, now it's breezy. this is from our east bay hills
6:48 pm
camera. these are mid level clouds around the bay area. this is how they looked when traveling inland. now a little patch of light rain just beginning to move through parts of the east bay. until just last hour. and some steady rain in the north bay. tomorrow, after morning showers isolated showers around the bay area. high temperatures mid to upper 60s and quite a mild pattern developing. spence yes, thank you very much. >> you've got video of jim hash yau. >> the hoop star. yes. one night after upsetting the
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best team in the east warriors respond will they have a let down? or just
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warriors finished up their road trip this evening the challenge to make sure there would be no let down. this team a record of 20 and 40. this is what you do with a team. defense leading to offense. that was a rare duck in indy. break away. and celtics turned over 12 times in the first half never touching the ground. 108-88 with a record of 4 and 2.
6:53 pm
two for three this, is his second home run of the spring. ryan brawn almost perfect at the plate so far. giants over angels 3-2. speaking of the giants sergio romo made interesting comments as a person. romo turned 31 and promises a more mature >> sergio romo third last year with 38 saves.
6:54 pm
like a light switch, sergio feels he can control his hyper active personality better. >> i'm a fan and very into the game. just trying to be a good teammate. there is a sense that a little kid can't show up there anymore. you know? >> this is a you just love being a baseball player. is that what it is? is that what it is? >> it's fun to be visible. i can feel i've
6:55 pm
to earn a spot at the table. it's hard not to appreciate it. >> momentary diversion for people of ukraine. so they move the game to cypress. there is a goal in the 12th minute and u.s. soundly beaten. finally 49ers head coach tonight, look at that. remember, harbau was the star and apparently can still shoot.
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abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> he is. he is. >> thank you, larry. >> join me on cable channel 13. hope is that it will make it into an intended recipient. then, reshaping lives a procedure helping women recover from breast cancer surgery without implants. >> and we have the middle followed by nashville at 10:00 >> our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay
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